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Why Single Origin?

Do you know when your supermarket spice was packed? Where it’s from? Most off the shelf brands are a collection of dozens if not more different farms, selected for conformity of size and appearance and not for flavour or unique character. They sit for years in warehouses, sold off when the price is best with no concern for quality or the farmer that grew them. 

Single origin disrupts this system by putting emphasis on flavour and sustainability. By working directly with farms, single origin spices puts the focus back on the unique qualities of these exceptional products. It shortens the supply chain, guaranteeing a more equitable partnership with the farmer and a fresher and more intense experience for the consumer.

Why you want them:

Because they’re better. Cartel Spices smell better, they look better, they taste better. They’re better for you, they’re better for the planet, they’re better for the farmer, it just makes sense. We can tell you where the spices are from, how they got here and how you can use them to elevate your cooking.

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